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Reducing unemployment in Amber Valley is one of Nigel’s main priorities. Since 2010 unemployment in Amber Valley has fallen by more than 60%, meaning even more constituents have the security of a job and regular pay packet.

More young people are also in work, with youth unemployment falling to its lowest level in a decade. This Government is creating 3 million more apprenticeships, and Nigel is delighted that many local businesses are leading the way.

Nigel has organised four Amber Valley Jobs Fairs since he was elected, to bring employers, training providers and jobseekers together. These took place in September 2013, March 2014, February 2015 and October 2015.

Following the terrible collapse of Leaderflush Shapland at the start of 2016, Nigel also helped organise special advice events and a special jobs fair to help the 400 local people who lost their jobs get back into work.

Thousands of people have attended these events, with hundreds of constituents being offered interviews, jobs and places on training courses as a direct result.

One particular success story is that of Nikki Dunbar. Nigel first heard about Nikki in the Ripley & Heanor News, as he read of her struggle in getting a job despite being a talented graduate with a first-class degree in Events Management. Nigel hired her to help organise the Jobs Fair so that she could gain that extra vital bit of experience that she needed to help launch her career. As a result of her work, she was one of several new employees at HL Plastics at Denby, and now works as their Graphic Design and Marketing Co-Ordinator.

Nigel will continue to hold further Jobs Fairs and events so that even more businesses can come together to help more people find work and training opportunities.

If you are an employer, training provider or jobseeker who would be interesting in attending Nigel’s next event, please register your interest by emailing nigel@nigelmillsmp.com or ringing his constituency office on 01773 744341.