News International/Phone Hacking/BSkyB

The recent revelations and accusations of disgraceful and wholly inexcusable conduct at the News of the World have prompted a record number of constituents to contact me to express their anger. I can only agree. How anyone could hack the phones of murder victims and relatives of bereaved soldiers is…

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I had the fortune to have my request for a debate on the Future of the UK Train Building Industry selected for debate today. We had a lively 90 minute session with general agreement from backbenchers on both sides of the house about the need to reconsider the Thameslink contract…

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IMF Funding

I took the difficult decision last night to rebel against a Government 3-line whip and oppose the vote to increase the UK’s subscription to the IMF by over £9 billion. While it is right that MPs follow their own consciences and represent their constituents at Westminster not vice versa, this should…

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Blog updating

Apologies for the long delay in updating this blog, I will now try and update it on a regular basis. Please let me know by email to if you want me to add you to my regular email newsletters.

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Blend Youth Project visit Westminster

I was delighted that the first tour of Westminster I hosted was for some young people from the Blend Youth Project in Ripley.

Blend Youth Project visit to Westminster June 2010

The Blend project is a great example of the sort of facility we need for young people. Interesting young people…

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On this page I’ll provide updates on my work at Westminster and in Amber Valley. In the meantime here is a link to my maiden speech on Hansard

It’s a tremendous honour to speak in the House of Commons – but also nerve-wracking!

Making my maiden speech

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