The Conservatives in Government ring-fenced the NHS budget from spending cuts and we’ve seen real-terms rises this parliament. Locally, when the Heanor Memorial Hospital had to close due to the finding of asbestos in the building, I launched a petition campaign to enhance, not diminish health services in the town, and I submitted 4,000 of my constituents’ signatures to Parliament to save the hospital.

Heanor Memorial Hospital has seen £2.5m investment from the Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group – set up by us – and it’ll be rebuilt by 2017. Health services in the town will be enhanced, and not diminished. We’ll see a greater number of services being provided there.

The UK has been rated the number one healthcare system in the world by the Commonwealth Fund.

Because of the difficult decisions we have taken to tackle the deficit we have been able to increase spending on the NHS by £12.7 billion over the course of this parliament and there are now fewer managers, and more doctors and nurses, in the NHS than ever before.

We are committed to securing the Health Service – the very best care, free at the point of use – for future generations, so hard-working taxpayers can be confident they will get the care they need.

We won’t stop there – if we’re re-elected, we will go on protecting the NHS budget, and enhancing services.