1st August 2014

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be delivering an in/out EU referendum to your doorstep. You can complete this and return it to me via freepost, or alternatively, you can take part in it on this page.

I know from speaking with many of my constituents that many have concerns about our current membership of the EU – something I share. I was one of the rebels in 2012 that voted for an EU referendum and against budgetary contributions.

We have promised that if a Conservative Government is elected next year, we will hold a referendum in 2017 following renegotiation of our terms with the EU.

I have decided to hold this referendum because I would like to get a broader understanding of the strength of feeling about our membership of the EU in Amber Valley.

Before you part-take in the referendum, I’d like to to remind you of the achievements that the Conservatives in Government have achieved:

• We’ve ensured that no new powers can be passed over to Europe without everyone having a say in a referendum;

• We ensured that we had no part in the EU bailouts and that we didn’t have to pay for other countries’ economic failures during the Eurozone crisis;

• David Cameron vetoed a new EU Treaty because it wasn’t in our interests – the first time this has ever happened;

• We secured the first ever cut in the EU’s long-term budget;

• We have kept Britain out of the Euro and WE WILL NOT join it;

• Labour and the Lib Dems blocked a Conservative Bill to enshrine in law a referendum in 2017. We will try to pass this again later this year.

Ballot Form

Please fill out and submit the ballot below. It is important that I get your details to ensure that I am receiving an answer from a constituent, but voting intention disclosure is optional.

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