September 2013

Note (12th September 2014): These comments are regarding the previous administration’s Core Strategy, which was not approved by the Planning Inspector. I have left my comments here for the purposes of transparency about what I said and when to the then administration of the Council.

I have created this page to document my previous responses to Amber Valley Borough Council’s Local Plan/Draft Core Strategy, about which you may find more information here.

In short, my position is that I remain unconvinced of the numbers of houses that the Borough Council states the area needs, I am not sure that the Council needs to build on greenbelt land to satisfy housing growth needs, and I remain sceptical about the need for a supermarket in Ripley. At every opportunity I have been given, I have made these points known in my representations to the Borough Council.

Latest comments

The comments I sent to the Council, in response to its latest consultation which ended on 23rd August 2013, are documented here.

Previous responses

You may read my response to the Council’s Options for Housing Growth consultation from December 2012 here, September 2012 here, April 2012 here, and October 2011 here.