Outside Parliament with petitions on Heanor healthcare

Heanor Memorial Hospital closed in 2014 when asbestos was found in the building. Nigel, like many Amber Valley constituents, had grave concerns about the future of health services in Heanor and so launched a petition to see the site rebuilt and health services enhanced, not diminished, in the town. The petition was signed by over 4,000 constituents and Nigel presented it to Parliament in March 2014.

Nigel worked hard with Heanor residents to emphasise to the local healthcare providers and the government how important it was to local people that they keep a hospital in their local area.
Following Nigel’s campaign, the Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group confirmed that it will be rebuilding the Heanor Memorial Hospital. The existing site will be demolished, and the Wilmot Street Health Centre will close with a brand new facility being built on the current hospital site. The CCG says that the move will see all of the local people’s health requirements met, with the exception of inpatient beds, but a new range of facilities and services will be available.
The new facility will be ready by 2017 and is a £2.5m investment. It will form part of the legacy of the hard work that everyone has put in to ensure that this happened.