I update my web site each week with the cheapest fuel prices in my constituency.

I’ve campaigned in Parliament to keep fuel duty at the lowest possible level, and we’ve already gone far on this by avoiding 21p per litre of Labour’s planned fuel duty hikes as set out in their fuel duty escalator – this saves my constituents £11 each time they fill up.

The Chancellor has also committed to avoiding any further rises providing he can find the money. To further my efforts to help my constituents save money on their petrol bills, I provide a weekly petrol price update on this page.

Figures obtained on Friday 22nd May suggest that the cheapest petrol in Amber Valley is currently 114.7p per litre at the ASDA store, Langley Mill; and 114.9p at Tesco, High Street, Heanorat Sainsbury’s, Nottingham Road, Ripley; Spar, Derby Road, Heanor; and at Spar, Heanor Road, Loscoe.

Figures obtained on the above date suggest that the cheapest diesel in Amber Valley is currently 118.7p at ASDA, Langley Mill; and 118.9p at Tesco, High Street, Heanor; JET, Derby Road, Lower Kilburn; at Spar, Heanor Road, Loscoe; and at Spar, Derby Road, Heanor.