As a Conservative, I believe that hard-working people should be rewarded; we should live in a society that is not a free-for-all, but one that provides opportunities for all.

We’ve done so much already nationally and locally with the deficit, employment, inflation, immigration, cost of living, taxation, crime, education, healthcare and the European Union. We need to safeguard and build on these achievements.

Here are the pledges that I promised you should you, as you did, return me to Parliament in May 2015:

If you want to provide for yourself and your family, you’ll have the security of a job. Here in Amber Valley, unemployment has halved since the last election – but we should go further. The Chancellor is aiming for full employment over the course of the next Parliament and I want to see this happen.

I personally will continue to work with local businesses and continue to hold my successful Jobs Fairs.

We will fund 3 million more apprenticeships and ensure that all young people will either be in work or in training, not wasting their potential by starting their working life on benefits.

The Prime Minister listened to the people of Amber Valley who supported my petition to increase the Personal Allowance yet further:

People who work hard and do the right thing should be rewarded so we will reduce Income Tax for 30 million people – with an increase in the Personal Allowance in Income Tax to £12,500. This means anyone working 30 hours a week on the minimum wage will pay no Income Tax.

We will also increase the starting point of the 40p tax band from £41,360 to £50,000 – once the deficit has been cleared. This will reverse the trend in recent years of dragging people into the higher tax bracket, which was intended only for the highest earners.

Like we called for, we will match the level of the Personal Allowance in Income Tax to the level of the National Minimum Wage, and legislate to do this.

We’ve achieved much in migration, with non-EU migration down to the lowest levels since the ’90s. But, as the Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced in November, we will:

  • Prevent EU migrants from claiming in-work benefits and getting access to social housing for four years;
  • Prevent migrants claiming child benefit and tax credits for children not living here;
  • Remove migrants from the UK after six months if they aren’t in work;
  • Speed up deportation of convicted criminals;
  • Longer re-entry bans for beggars and fraudsters that are deported;
  • Further restricting the rights of migrants to bring family members here;
  • Stopping citizens from new countries joining the EU from working in the UK until their economies are in a similar position to that of existing member states.

Help to Buy has helped hundreds of my constituents to buy their first property in Amber Valley. But we must go further, so I pledge to:

Help more constituents to buy property through Help to Buy and Right to Buy, but we should go further on housing – particularly for young people, who have found it very difficult in recent years to obtain a mortgage. So we’ll help by building 100,000 new homes, and make them solely available to first-time buyers under 40 at a 20% discount.

I back plans for new homes to be built on suitable, sympathetic, preferable brownfield sites in Amber Valley – but the local Councils must ensure we have the right amount of new homes and the new schools, healthcare and transport facilities to cope. I will continue to put pressure on Councils to achieve this.

The NHS is a vital service – one which is paid for out of general taxation and free-at-the-point-of-use. We will continue our commitment to spending on the NHS:

We will again ensure NHS funding rises by at least inflation each year to 2020, building on the increases since 2010 which have seen 4,000 more doctors and 3,000 more nurses recruited.

We will give the NHS an extra £8bn per year by the end of the decade.

By 2020 we will also ensure patients have access to GPs 7 days a week.

Crime in Derbyshire is down 21% since 2010. But we must go further on this, so I’ll press to:

Continue to support the police in ensuring crime falls by cutting red tape and scrapping unnecessary targets.

I will push local authorities and housing authorities for a continued effort to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Education is vitally important in ensuring that people get the best start in life and in their careers, and apprenticeships are up 300% in Amber Valley. But I’ll ensure that we:

Continue the improvement of the National Curriculum in order to see better education with better outcomes.

We’ll continue toughening up the examination system so that employers trust qualifications.

We’ll give further powers to school commissioners, who will be able to remove failing headteachers, pair up good schools with bad ones, and change the curriculum if it isn’t up to scratch.

We’ll increase funding for apprenticeships to deliver even more places so that local young people can learn skills to start their career.

We’ll also increase the £9 million given to local schools to ensure children from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their full potential.

I understand that the level of noise from the A38 adversely affects the quality of life of some of my constituents. We need to lower the level of noise. If re-elected, I promise to:

Continue to push for action on this. We need the reduced-noise surfacing and noise-barriers. I’m pushing for these to be delivered in the next couple of years.

We have promised to hold an In/Out Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Unionin 2017.

We will renegotiate Britain’s terms of membership of the European Union and hold a referendum in 2017. The Prime Minister will only support an ‘in’ vote should we be successful in renegotiating the terms of membership that we want for the best interests of the British people.

One of the key renegotiation terms will be focused on the movement of labour, which means we’ll see more action on migration from within the EU.