Nigel’s Brexit update – time to get it done

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Dear Constituent,

Yesterday the Prime Minister agreed a revised deal with the European Union that would enable us to finally leave the EU in less than 2 weeks’ time on 31 October 2019.

The main documents for the deal can be found here:

In summary, the new…

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March Brexit Update

Dear Constituent,

This week has seen a series of important votes on Brexit. The key votes were as follows:

Tuesday – The Prime Minister’s deal was rejected by 391 votes to 242, majority 149

Wednesday – Leaving with No Deal in any circumstances was rejected by 321 votes to 278, majority 43

Thursday –…

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Latest Brexit update

Since my update last week, the final version of the Withdrawal Agreement has been approved by the European Council, and a longer version of the political declaration has been published – now up to 26 pages of non-binding aspirations for our future partnership with the EU. The Government have also…

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Brexit update

Over the past couple of weeks there have been several important developments on the Government’s policy on delivering Brexit, including:

The cabinet agreement at Chequers – see briefing slides here; The Government’s white paper on our future relationship with the EU – see here; The Government’s white paper on implementing the draft withdrawal…

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