My travel and accommodation expenses for June 2010 (including 1 July for convenience) were as follows:

Hotels – I stayed 14 nights in London in June with a total cost of £1,304, average per night £93 compared to a maximum limit of £130.

Train fares – I made 5 return journeys to London (4 from East Midlands Parkway and 1 from Derby). Total cost was £351 with an average return journey cost of £70 compared to a limit  of £138 per return journey. All journeys were Standard class.

Car parking at East Midlands Parkway station was £45. I also claimed for a £22 taxi from Ripley to Derby station – this was considerably cheaper than parking at Derby station for the length of time that would have been required.

Tube/bus fares – £19

My mileage claim for June was £103.