Handz Campaign Nigel and John Hines (Deb)  Andrea Jenkyns

Nigel recently held a Westminster Hall debate on the importance of hand hygiene in the NHS in light of the research and work of the Deb Group, who are based in Denby and are one of the leading providers of skincare and hand hygiene products.

Many of us will have seen the adverts, signs and gel dispensers as we enter GP surgeries and hospitals, and on every ward, asking us to keep washing or sanitising our hands to keep patients, staff and visitors safe from infections. These campaigns have helped, but it’s still shocking that patients in England have a 6.4% chance of contracting a healthcare associated infection in the NHS (according to 2011 data). This shows that more has to be done and, as a result of Nigel’s debate, the Minister has committed to working with local trusts to make hand hygiene inspections more effective and further increase awareness of how important and how many lives this simple practice can save!

You can read more about the debate here and the Handz campaign website can be found here.