24th December 2012

I have submitted my response to Amber Valley Borough Council’s latest consultation on future sites for development. The summary is below and you can read the full letter here.

I have focussed on the overall approach rather than looking at individual sites where clearly local people and organisations are best placed to make comments at this stage.

“While it is pleasing that the proposed strategy is not based on the higher options contained in the original “Options for Housing Growth” document, and that many of the Greenbelt sites previously proposed for consideration have been ruled out, I still consider that there are a significant number of issues with the latest strategy, namely:

  • The overall number of houses proposed for the Derby Housing Market Area (“HMA”) is excessive compared to expected levels of growth, past performance and proposals for neighbouring areas;
  • The number of houses proposed for Amber Valley especially appears to be excessive compared to expected growth levels and as 27% of the proposed total for the Housing Market Area higher than indicated in 3 of the 4 options considered in the previous document;
  • The preferred strategic sites exclude several brownfield sites in Amber Valley where significant numbers of houses could be constructed – and indeed where developers have proposals to do so;
  • The preferred sites still include the loss of greenbelt which should be a last resort;
  • The preferred strategic sites seem to be disproportionately in the East of the Borough despite other areas of the Borough having easier access to Derby.

A reconsideration of these issues would result in a lower overall housing growth target, a lower target for Amber Valley and the potential to remove one or more of the preferred sites from further consideration.”

My responses to previous consultations is here.